Between the Threads
Independent Study by Ben Gassman
Far Away by Caryl Churchill
Playing Peter Pan by Christopher Parks
The Great Lonely Roamer by Christina Quintana
The Sex Myth
Mary V by Rebekah Carrow
Salt Kid Watches Brooklyn Burn by KT Looney
Leader of the Pack by Ellie Greenwich & Friends
As I Lay Dying (Associate)
Four Sisters by James Clements
The Taming of Cats by Natalie Wilson
The Fall by Lilia Rubin
The Extraordinary Fall of the Four-Legged Woman
Sources of Light Other Than the Sun by Sam Hood Adrain
245 & Counting by Molly Alexa Horan
Songs of Body by Michelle Sui
MOUSE by Freddy Edelhart
The Cave: A Folk Opera, by Melanie Rose Thomas
Meet Me In St Louis by Martin, Blane, & Wheeler
A Dream Play
God's Ear by Jenny Schwartz
Grandpa Sonata by Freddy Edelhart
The Haunted Train
Student Body by Frank Winters
Artaud! Artaud! by Matthew Minnicino
As You Like It
The Institute by Sharang Biswas & Clio Davis
George Presents Live! With Mary by Daniella Rivera
Threadbare by Rachel Holderbach
It's Not Safe Here by Jenna Antoniades
Tall Trees in a Dark Forest by Freddy Edelhart
Legally Blonde
Under God's Tongue
The Secret Garden
Something's Not Right by Jenna Rossman
Every Night & Sometimes Twice by Ali Perkins
William Shakespeare's Hamlet
Marisol by José Rivera
Bird With Flame by Gili Nir
Clockwork by Bryn Herdrich
Monstrous by Josh Brown
Crazy in Loss by Ali Ali
UpCon by Carissa Matsushima
Who the Hell is Heather Huffernin? by Kevin Gallo
The Author's Voice by Richard Greenberg
Hearn Power Station
Center Stage 3rd Space
St Ann's Warehouse - Vestibule & Box Office
Playwrights Horizons Theatre School - Exercise
Walker's Court Theatre - Conceptual
Perse School - Exercise
Easter Island Miniature (Ceramics)
Small Bowl (Ceramics)
Tuxedo Cup (Ceramics)
The 'Useless' Teacup (Ceramics)
Senior Showcase 2015
Alphabet Book
Gendrr Promotional Materials
Typography Class, Fall 2013
Painting & Photoshop
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