Trailer for The Institute
Vincent Cooper and Sharang Biswas explaining the rules to the audience.
The audience watching live video clues.
Vincent Cooper asking the audience for help with clues.
Written and Directed By
Sharang Biswas & Clio Davis
Created By
Clio Davis, Sharang Biswas, Kyle Greenberg, Erin Finnegan, Monique Naoum, Yu Ji, Michelle Chandra

World by
Sharang Biswas, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Pierre Depaz and Adam Jackrel

Vincent Cooper, Corey Roberts, Charlyn Brea, Melissa Mejias Parker, Nick Tyson, Nicholas Hubbard, Clara F Pagone, Jerllin Cheng, Andres Taracuik, Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Nick Tyson, Jerllin Cheng

Jerllin Chencg, Clio Davis, Sharang Biswas

Physical Computing
Jonathan Sparks

Projections and Animation
Melissa Mejias Parker, Kyle Greenberg, Sharang Biswas

Kyle Greenberg, Clio Davis

Graphic Design
Monique Naoum
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